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Convenience is the human way, as necessitated by our innate laziness.  Thus, i give you, my Master List of fanfiction (mostly for the various Sherlock Holmes fandoms).  Here they be!  


Late Post of my 2011 Sherlockmas Entry

Title: New and Old, Silver and Gold
A gift forspecial_schizo
Characters/Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson x2
Category: Slash
Rating: PG
Warnings: sexy time paradoxes, angst, crack, slips into canon Holmes, continuity issues
Summary: Sometimes, in matters of the heart, the person you need most is yourself. More specifically, your alternate past incarnation. It’s time for two sets of boys to learn some hard truths about themselves and about each other. ORWherein Mycroft Holmes proves he is a very clever man.
Author's Notes: Because I was given the opportunity for an extension, I was able to watch Game of Shadows during the time about half of this was being written. Although there is no explicit spoilers (in fact this is written totally ignorant of all events that occurred in the latest movie), the story in general benefits from watching the film. Please enjoy and happy holidays.

A/N 2: Yeah, i totally forgot to update my own Masterlist.  My bad.  So here it is...in April.  Thankfully it isn't Christmas-centered so at least it isn't too tacky.    

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson x2Collapse )

Title: Keyfinder
Rating: PG
Cross-Over: Kingdom Hearts (I, II, and hints of III)
Pairings: Holmes/Watson, Sherlock/John
Disclaimer: I own nothing of value but ideas.
Word Count: About 1,000
Warnings: angst, references to video game stuff, abstractness
Summary:  Holmes died and Watson wanted to find him.  John needed a heart and Sherlock doesn't have one.  A grope in the darkness sometimes brings light, far, far in the distance.
A/N: Somehow Kingdom Hearts became the story device I needed for a Victorian Holmes and Watson reincarnation fic.  If this story doesn't make perfect sense, blame the totaly mind-fuck that is the Kingdom Hearts, which is one of the most awesome game series conceived.  Please enjoy.

Link here--> http://sherlockbbc.livejournal.com/4237522.html#cutid1

My Imagined Cast for my Novel Series

                               Thaddeus Hale/Edge                                 Prince
     Bunny                                                       Ixchen

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you--Team Swift!

Where i am right now can be encapsulated in these two pictures.

Up top is Laska, the search and rescue dog, chillin' in the Hummer. So if i ever mysteriously disappear from the nets, you will take comfort knowing friends, that even the dogs couldn't find me. (Yes, my major function training with a search and rescue team is to play victim in a myriad of new and difficult ways. Have you ever ran 2.5 miles with 1/5 of your weight on your back? It sucks, but the dog's so happy to find you and your treat laden pockets that it makes it worth it.)

Down bottom is the reward/carbohydrate replenishment for completing said 8.5 mile hike with 24 pounds on my back. Look at this goddamn thing! It birthed it's own separate pizza!

So yeah, hiking, dogs, eating, joining the Secular Student Alliance, and nearly vomiting from anxiety because my chem teacher announced no curves on exams sums everything up pretty nicely. Oh, and for Halloween me and my friends decided on College Care Bears. So far we have Get Lucky Bear and Fun Times Bear (me). My symbol's going to be a martini glass. Ain't i just a clever fiend?


Life/Death is Better in Color

I just bought an illustrated children's book about historic diseases.  I like the pictures.  A lot.  I also suspect this book was not made for children.  It was made for people like me who find the failure of historic medicine to be entertaining.  Especially with pictures, did i mention the pictures?  Look!

I bought it at my uni's book sale for $5 that i was otherwise going to spend on a frivolous, digestible frappuccino that would have only given me pleasure for like four minutes, whereas i get endless pleasure flipping through this beauty which can be later enjoyed by my own theoretical children.  Haha, i get a vision of my future kid going, "Mommy only has one picture book in her library.  It has dead Aztecs in it."



Lotsa smexings and weird dialogue fic

Title: Pass it on
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Sherlock/John, Mycroft/John (as a casual one-night stand that Sherlock, of course, has planned and approved), and surprise allusion to <highlight><John/Lestrade>
Disclaimer: The characters, not mine, the craziness, c’est moi.
Warnings: PWP, Bit of dom/sub play (pretty tame), multiple partners (but not all at the same time), sexy-times
Word Count: 1,650+

Summary: If you find something irreplaceable, pass it on.  Wherein Sherlock shows his brother he cares in the most unconventional fashion, John is a sex god, and love and sex happen to be mutually inclusive.
A/N: You know what happens when you’re hopped up on expensive Italian coffee and watch Letters to Juliet and Date Night back to back?  This is what happens.  And I meant it to be just about sex, but it also ended up about love.  Lotsa love.  Sharing the love, actually.  Heh, enjoy.


Sex, sex, secrets, sex, and sex...Collapse )

A Few Life Choices

1)  I'm only wearing bracelets on my left wrist and never both because i think it's psychosexually linked to my desire to be handcuffed or controlled, which my conscious mind frankly isn't entirely alright with.

2)  Due to my obsessive and addictive personality, i'm currently substituting a glass of wine every night for a cup of coffee every morning.  Pick your poison and all that rubbish.

3)  My skull's name is Brian.  Not my skull.  The skull i own, which was, i dunno, someone's skull.  At any rate, it was a Christmas present.  His name is Brian.

4)  My subconscious' name is Ravelio.  Another male in my life.  It's Jung's fault really.  

5)  Must try and figure out why i keep dreaming about mirrors, twins, male pregnancies, and torture...and comic books containing coded messages. 


My Cat named...Cat

So there's this stray cat, still in adolescence, of which i'm pretty sure has only survived this long because it's been living under the canvas covered ladders on our apartment patio.  Tonight, i've started the long and arduous process of trying to domesticate said cat.  I don't plan to really take care of it, my roommates can do that.  I'm allergic to cats and there's not too much lost love between us, but i don't feel up to seeing the body of a dead cat around so...

I've decided to name it Catharsis.  Cat for short.


Bad Day, Good Times

Sometimes the only cure for a parking ticket is to mix an scandalously early daiquiri, extra cheer, and sit in my underwear for a cold bath (since the fall season in Southern California has decided to grace us with 90 degree weather) with the specialty bath salt your roommate has so wonderfully offered you and anticipate being able to call upon drunken rights--among others--to demand sexual gratification if i so please in a couple of hours when my roommate gets back from surfing.

And to you, Catcher in the Rye paper i need to turn in by Monday.  Just thank Christ misery has descended upon me, otherwise Holden Caulfield would just be a seriously enormous twat and my paper would be quite uncomplimentary about him.  As it stands however, he's my fucking hero.



Merry Month of July

July 1- Had a horrible time flipping eggs today.  How absurd.
July 2- Is it wrong or just plain bomb that i can demand either dirty dancing or stripping if i wash dishes?
July 3- Happily enough the dog wasn't dead when we got back.  Thankfully my roommates thought it cute enough to let inside and shower attention on.
July 4- Luckily my apartment is on a ginormous hill and we were able to see some fireworks, otherwise we would have slowly gotten drunk watching Grease and Star Wars.
July 5- Crazy = family, Insanity = Erika+Me conversation during a long car ride.
July 6- Domesticity is me making spaghetti while Erika makes margaritas.
July 7- "I'm going to steal more muffins under the pretext of refilling my water."
July 8- I consciously ate sausages past their expiration date and just as consciously remedied this fact by deciding to denature the bacteria in my stomach with alcohol and a hot tub.
July 9- I only have so much tolerance for shopping because i end up getting sucked in and beginning to think everything looks good and it takes all my strength to resist, thus draining me until next time.
July 10- NOTE TO SELF: Cookies and pajamas disarm security guards into thinking we didn't just play a boisterous round of Rum and Coke pong twenty seconds ago.
     Addendum: As a life building experience, i'll take pneumonia over being stung by a stingray.
July 12- Must pay better attention to office meetings.  I highly doubt "cannibals are an effective form of energy conservation" like my notes claim.
July 13- Hit and miss with NASA today.  On one hand, they gave me an employee gift basket full of cool stuff.  On the other hand, they made me watch a 43 minute safety/don't-sue-us video.
July 14- Fell asleep in my office so long the automated lights shut off.  On the bright side, i was paid $12.50 to do so.
July 15- The copy machine utterly defeated me today and apparently lamination machines look like flat fans with happy face symbols instead of on buttons.
July 16- Inappropriate use of office time and supplies is perfectly acceptable when drawing glitter glue martinis on a friend's b-day card.
July 19- Office politics= Big fat white ladies vs. hussie interns.  Whatever, i have youth, boobs, and relative skinniness, which means i already won.
July 20- Brian Kinney cures all ills.
July 22- Solar power and renewable, reusable, sustainable energy is only impressive until the sun goes down.
July 23- I reduced risk of stingray exposure and chose to scale a seaside cliff barefoot instead.  I'm beginning to suspect my logic, although sound, is not tempered by a healthy dose of self-preservation.
July 24- Satine=Erika
July 26- Through the miracle of the internet, my Sherlock Holmes obsession continues to thrive.
July 27- I have addict habits when it comes to caffeine.  Vaguely worrying.
July 29- Fires incidentally lower the IQ of the 79% witnessing it.
July 30- Ghost movies would be more clever if the sixth sense never came out.
July 31- Have you ever let yourself die in a dream because you were so desperate to get out?

BBC Sherlock Fic: The Final Problem

Title: The Final Problem
Rating: PG
Pairings: SH/JW Gen, Pre-slash
Not unless this actually happens for Episode 3, “The Great Game”.

Word Count: 2,640+
Summary: While Sherlock solves the case of the murdered civil servant, Watson draws away the bomber to rather devastating results.
A/N:  A flip-flop of the original “Final Problem” storyline based on the summary for the third episode of Sherlock and filled with angst, hugs, and a math metaphor I couldn’t repress.  Hoped i could get this in before the second episode aired across the pond, but oh well.  Anyways, cheers and enjoy.

Of Bombers, Soldiers, Grief, Lies, Trust, and PromisesCollapse )

BBC Sherlock fic

Title:  Gated
Rating:  PG
Pairing:  SH/JW pre-slash
Word Count: 1,089
Spoilers:  Sherlock Episode 1x01, A Study in Pink
Summary:  A pair of drabbles on a friendship that has much more holding it together than the two men who claim it.  Includes a short expansion of Sherlock’s revelation of John saving him and his reaction to the first time John is kidnapped.
A/N:  I was immensely surprised by the new series, which has been adapted spectacularly well.  It has so many little pockets of brilliance that I needed to just tap into one.  Just a bit of drabbles for now (I only have one episode to work with for chrissakes) in the style of episodic tales or snippets.


In which John is a badass and Sherlock goes through a mental breakdown...Collapse )


Merry Month of June

So i'm not much of a "Dear Diary" person, but i would like to remember what i've been up to as time progresses, so i've started jotting down 1-2 sentences down per day, starting mid-June and will continue for as long as i can manage. 

Here's the sum up from June 2010

June 12- I acknowledge that rationalizing my purchase of a wooden boomerang and slingshot is still considered immature.
June 13- There is something fundamentally wrong with entertaining sexual fantasies while in the family section at church.
June 14- House Rules: Shorts and a bra are considered an acceptable amount of clothing.
June 15- Is it vindictive or just plain slutty that a waiting room full of old people makes me feel like getting on top of a chair and dancing?
June 16- There is no nice way of saying, "I don't trust you enough to keep my sister from drowning so don't go swimming while i'm gone."
June 17- 'It's like the pain of ripping off a band-aid and it's scarred underneath, but it's healed by God.  At least there's that.'
June 19- I dunno who it was, but one of those boys smelt fuck-tastic.
June 20- I suppose an addiction to movies is, in the long run, more destructive than literature, but it does point to a serious problem concerning with fiction.
June 21- Fanny Price is spineless and undeniably, irreversibly, unforgivably dull.  You disappoint me Jane Austen.
June 23- "That is a compliment which gives me no pleasure." = The polite Edwardian equivalent of "Fuck off".
June 25- You should be warned that you are required to give urine samples.  That or those pee cups shouldn't have a measuring grade because i don't like knowing i've accomplished 3.8mL of FAIL.
June 26- It took my six hours to make a pretty box and it was totally worth it.
June 27- I had an odd childhood recollection of trying to incubate an egg with my hands, but no memory of a horrible mess.  Hmm...
June 30- Rent is going to be the death of me and i'm not even paying it yet.

Sherlock Holmes Box!!

As if my obsession wasn't already glaringly obvious.  Nevertheless, i decided to make it just a little more pronounced and spent my Saturday artsing.  This is a basic decoupage technique, but instead of using tissue paper or wrapping paper like they teach in normal craft class, i print out my own pics and arrange them onto box forms (this one is a classic book box).  This collage consists of the 2009 Sherlock Holmes movie, the original Paget illustrations, and various pictures/comics done by sadynax , who graciously gave me permission to use her amazing artwork.

Here's the spine and front cover.                                           And here's the back.


Click for more views. materials, and info...Collapse )

kid!Watson AU fic

Here's just something i wrote back in May while helping protectorgf  draft ideas for her Lost in the Fogg AU story.

Posted with permission.  Cute little fluff piece, PG 1,000 words, about a tender moment of a growing friendship between pint-sized Watson and his agent partner, Sherlock Holmes.
Saint Anthony story...Collapse )



Amnesia!Watson Fic

Title: Cuimhne
Authors: Double-Pro!! (pro_prodigy & protectorgf )
Rating: PG
Disclaimers: Too brilliant to be ours, too awesome not to borrow
Some supernatural elements
Word Count:
An old enemy sets out to destroy the great detective by crippling his right hand.  Stapleton wants more than just revenge.  He has taken Watson's memories.  Holmes wants them back.
Written for watsons_woes  Challenge 012.  My first collab and boy was it
both a distinct pleasure and monumentally stressful.  I was honoured to be working with the venerable PGF and i am ridiculously pleased with the results of our joint efforts.  I encourage everyone to take a gander at the magnificence that is Double-Pro!!  Please enjoy!

Part 1
Part 2 (finale)

Beam Me Up, Interrogation

Meme chain taken from ninjaboots . 

You read my interrogation questions, comment with a "Beam me up, Scotty!" and i'll give you five interrogation questions of your own.  So here we go...

Q&A here...Collapse )

Getting My Priorities Straight...

Me and three friends will be moving into our new apartment at the end of the month.  I'm currently in the process of packing.  So far, two boxes of office/desk supplies, one box full of art materials, two bags of clothes from my dorm.  The rest are essentials i pretty much need until i move out.

But then i got to my books...Then i went home for mother's day and packed the rest of my collection...


I'm usually a very frugal packer, but when it comes to my books i start to challenge the definition of "essential".  Good thing my roommates gave me permission to put a bookshelf (or two...maybe three) in our living room since we decided not to bother buying a TV. 

And to get an idea of scale for these ginormous suitcases, here's a picture of me reading.

Okay, okay.  Just age the little nipper about 16 years and chop off some of that hair.  But in essence, meet three year old me (as played by my sister).