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Where i am right now can be encapsulated in these two pictures.

Up top is Laska, the search and rescue dog, chillin' in the Hummer. So if i ever mysteriously disappear from the nets, you will take comfort knowing friends, that even the dogs couldn't find me. (Yes, my major function training with a search and rescue team is to play victim in a myriad of new and difficult ways. Have you ever ran 2.5 miles with 1/5 of your weight on your back? It sucks, but the dog's so happy to find you and your treat laden pockets that it makes it worth it.)

Down bottom is the reward/carbohydrate replenishment for completing said 8.5 mile hike with 24 pounds on my back. Look at this goddamn thing! It birthed it's own separate pizza!

So yeah, hiking, dogs, eating, joining the Secular Student Alliance, and nearly vomiting from anxiety because my chem teacher announced no curves on exams sums everything up pretty nicely. Oh, and for Halloween me and my friends decided on College Care Bears. So far we have Get Lucky Bear and Fun Times Bear (me). My symbol's going to be a martini glass. Ain't i just a clever fiend?